[uhn-uh-basht] adjective

not being ashamed, embarrassed, shy, or apologetic 

UNABASHED Magazine is a bright & playful magazine, showcasing the creativity of our community, created by artist Haley Eyre. 

UNABASHED Magazine is a magazine with a focus on exploration, community connection, challenging societal standards of beauty, and being true to oneself.  I am deeply drawn to the act of collecting and curating. I impulsively gather images and objects representing snippets of my life and hoard them away for the future. Through the magazine medium, I get to invite others into this part of my world. UNABASHED is a print publication that reflects the world around me and what I find interesting during the creation of each issue. The magazine is bright, colourful, and values the uniqueness of people. UNABASHED is ultimately a space for exploration, for me and the readers.

--- Haley Eyre